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E-Corp, Inc. is an export-import company specializing in fine beers, wines, and spirits from around the globe.

This free family company was started in Colorado in 1990 by Dale S. Elliott who remains the president today. Dale started E-Corp with his brother, three pallets of German beer, and a passionate desire to bring Colorado the unique beverages that he so enjoyed in the time he served abroad in the US Air Force as a fighter pilot. Soon after those first 3 pallets, he unloaded an entire container of beer, bringing the total number of products in his portfolio up to 18.

After decades of perseverance, Dale has made E-Corp into the company it is today, with distribution of over 400 products to the entire front range. It remains a family company, and continues to bring Colorado the most unique beverages it can find.

E-Corp, Inc. is licensed to sell only to Colorado liquor stores, restaurants and bars. We cannot sell alcoholic beverages to individuals or send out-of-state.