The FAB line of wines came about one blustery day when a man of superior taste walked into a liquor store and realized he couldn't find a brand of wine for under $10 that could guarantee him a quality wine across the map.

Sure, he knew his favorites, but the host of the party he was to attend wanted a specific wine, and he needed a name he could trust. How could he make a quick decision about which wine to bring to a party that would please everyone? He was lost.

And so the FAB line of wines was born. He first went to his favorite wine maker in upstate California to ask for a red and white blend that would please everyone, then to Chile to find something more exotic and light, to Argentina to gain a Malbec, and finally to Germany to bottle a classic Riesling.

These wines were bottled with similar labels, designed to say, "Hey, I'm Fab. I'm obtainable. I'm delicious. Try me out."

The FAB wine line is by no means complete, and it will continue to grow as quality wines at a good price are discovered across the globe.

Fab Red

FAB Red: Luscious Red

Appellation: Mendocino, California.

This proprietary blend wine is comprised of three old world red grape varieties, all of which were grown on the hillsides of Mendocino County. The wine was aged for over eighteen months in French and American oak barrels and displays a dark purple-garnet color with jammy aromas and flavors of ripe blackberries, raspberries and plums. Rich full flavors, ripe tannins, and a seamless balance carry through to a long, lingering finish. Enjoy this wine with grilled steaks, pasta with shitake mushrooms, and lamb chops with rosemary sauce.

Fab White

FAB White: Seductive White

Appellation: Mendocino, California.

This signature wine blends white grape varieties which are sourced from the hills and valleys of Mendocino County. The wine is barrel fermented and aged for over four months in French and American oak. The wine displays rich aromas and flavors of citrus fruits such as pineapple, mango and grapefruit. There is a crisp acidity and a lingering finish. Enjoy this wine with baked pheasant, sea bass, grilled calamari or your favorite dry cheese.


Fab Chile REd

FAB Chile: Tempest Red

Appellation:Colchagua Valley, Chile.

A great example of the Carmenere grape, the "lost grape of Bordeaux." This is a new world wine which brings the whispering pacific breezes of the Chilean coast to a new level of comprehension. The purest water from the Andes, only 30 miles away, together with the distinctive soil texture of the famed Colchagua Valley, create a serious wine. Notes of cherries, a deep nose and other rich fruit tastes fill the palate, followed by a persistent, soft finish. Enjoy this wine with any variety of cheeses, or simply after a hard day at work. Supremely suitable as a gift to remind someone how truly FAB they are.

Fab Chile White

FAB Chile: Whisper White

Appellation:Colchagua Valley, Chile.

Fab Chile Whisper White is a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. With a faintly grassy nose indicative of South-American white wines, and a crisp, clean palate, this wine is a phenomenal choice to pair with summer dishes. A great value wine that you'll be happy to have again and again!

Fab Argentina

FAB Argentina: Gaucho Red

Appellation: Patagonia, Argentina.

FAB Argentina Malbec is here!  From the Patagonia region of Argentina, this scrumptious Malbec is full of earthy terroir and dark, spicy dark fruits. With cherries on the nose, mixed with the good dirt that Malbec is made of, there is a delightful follow-through of bright plums on the palate, and a great balance.

Fab Germany

FAB Germany: Mosel Riesling

Appellation:Mosel Valley, Germany.

FAB German Riesling is here!  From the heart of the Mosel, this balanced, and bright Riesling will easily drink its way into your Fab lineup. Light to medium bodied, hay-colored, and with a stellar pear and apple nose, this sweet Riesling will coat your palate with stone fruit flavor, and linger on your tongue with excellent acidity to prepare you for your next bite of dinner. Everything a typical Mosel Riesling should be!